On tech diversity, structural change, and money

Related to the 3 next steps I outline in my talk:

  1. Social Justice Fund NW grantees, for inspiration

  2. Resource Generation && How To Give Boldly From Earned Income, for resources and guidelines on giving plans

  3. Portland Resource Generation chapter to find out more about the upcoming discussion group

Putting this talk together for AlterConf Portland has been an interesting journey. I’ll admit that for the two weeks before the conference I felt a lot of anxiety about giving this talk. Not only does the presentation touch on a few subjects that are taboo, at least in white middle-class society (race, wealth, class privilege), but it also required some public vulnerability from me around my class and race privilege. I also really wanted to do justice to these huge topics – which felt challenging since I am still learning so much myself.

Since I am a white person speaking about race, and am someone with an upper-middle-class childhood speaking about giving away money, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are moments when some people in the audience feel uncomfortable. It is my hope that the discomfort is not due to any personal harm caused by my words, but is instead the GOOD kind of discomfort, like the discomfort of entertaining new and different thoughts.

I am very open to positive or constructive feedback and would love to hear from you. The best way to reach me is by email. And if you have any questions about giving plans, Resource Generation or Social Justice Fund Northwest, hit me up!